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Comprehensive Dental Care

A close-up during a dental examination, showing a dentist's hand in blue gloves holding a dental mirror to inspect a patient's teeth.


A dentist examines dental X-rays and 3D images of teeth on a lightbox, analyzing the patient's oral health and planning treatment. Image by Jonathan Borba

General Dentistry

A joyful woman frames her bright smile with her fingers, highlighting healthy white teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry

A dental implant model depicting a fixed bridge implant and crown, with dental tools nearby for scale and manipulation.

Implants & Extractions

A patient undergoing a dental procedure with UV light, possibly for curing dental resin, while wearing protective eyewear.

Dental Emergencies

A man receiving a teeth whitening treatment with a blue curing light, wearing protective red glasses.

Teeth Whitening

A man receives a dental check-up with a dentist using tools to examine his smile.

New Patient Assessment

A dentist's gloved finger points to a dental CT scan on a digital tablet, showing detailed images of teeth and jaw structure. Image by Quang Tri NGUYEN

Scientific Approach & Tools

A young girl at the dentist gives a high five, smiling during her orthodontic check-up.

Kids' Care

Dental x-ray


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