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Noushin Bolouri

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We are thrilled to announce the addition of Dr. Noushin Bolouri (DDS) to our team at Mouth Matters. With an impressive background spanning over 25 years, Dr. Bolouri specializes in pediatric dentistry, offering expert care to infants, children, and adolescents, including those with special needs.

Her journey in dentistry began in Iran in 1987, where she honed her skills and knowledge. Dr. Bolouri then expanded her expertise to Canada, practicing in Vancouver since 2019 before joining us in Toronto in 2023. Her experience is diverse and comprehensive, encompassing not only clinical practice but also academia. She earned her Master of Science in Paediatric Dentistry from Shahid Beheshti University (1996-2000) and served as an assistant professor in the pediatric dentistry department at Rafsanjan University (2001-2005). Additionally, Dr. Bolouri has demonstrated her proficiency in providing complex care in both the operating room and dental clinic settings, notably at Mofid Kids Hospital (2004-2007).

Dr. Bolouri's approach to pediatric dentistry is characterized by her commitment to creating a welcoming, educational, and comfortable environment for young patients. Her ability to communicate effectively in both Farsi and English allows her to connect with a diverse patient base, ensuring a positive and reassuring experience for both children and their parents.


We are confident that Dr. Bolouri's extensive experience and patient-centered approach will be invaluable to Mouth Matters and our community. Her dedication to pediatric dental health and well-being makes her an outstanding addition to our team.

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