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kids' care

Mouth Matters uses the latest science to provide preventive, wholistic care for your children. We do this in several ways:

1.      As part of our new patient exams, we use DNA technology to test our patients’ saliva for bacteria that                     causes cavities. Treating these bacteria and help prevent cavities in the future.

2.      We examine children’s adenoids and tonsils to ensure they are not the source of dental health concerns for            your child.

3.      We design oral self-care programs to ensure your child gets the most from their brushing and home care               products 

4.      We make sure that your children’s teeth are aligned in proportion for your child’s age and oral structure.

5.      Finally, we get to know your child and help them develop a proactive approach to their oral health that will           serve them throughout their life.

Image by Denis Lesak
Red Toothbrush
Girl Brushing Dad's Teeth
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